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Today I'm taking you on a tour of a 12 000 square foot 10 bedroom home here in Reunion that you're going to see Easter Eggs that you really only find in Reunion and Golden Oaks I'm stoked to Show you let's go inside [Music] Is there one of these Spidey verses oh This is so yeah good [Music] If you don't know much about reunion It's like a city within a city it's Gated it's got 54 holes of golf you've Got a water park tennis courts Restaurants all with inside the gates And you've got neighborhoods that are Kind of like massive homes like this all The way down to the areas with smaller Condos so there's really something for Everybody but this house is spectacular Let's take a look what's up Ryan hey Ken How you doing man yeah welcome welcome What are we at today all right so here We're at 1212 Grand Traverse Parkway Here in Reunion Resort we've got 12 000 Square feet of AC it's a big one yep and 15 000 square feet under roof okay so It's it's really tricked out we're Excited for you to see it we got 10 Bedrooms all ensuite and three half Baths so excited to show you some Features here beyond the bedrooms and The baths and the square footage what's Your favorite part you you can't miss it

You got the pool right there right Foreign [Music] This is where people are hanging out how Big is this yeah so yeah we're about 1500 uh square feet of Lanai space here We got this fire feature with a cool Cracked slab effect there love that um We like to pretend that that was an Accident and we were creative with it But no we did that intentionally Um we got the big summer kitchen and of Course this amazing pool with the 360 Spillover Spa yeah you got your cool Tiled columns with your fountain spouts There and then my favorite thing in the Middle here Um so we got the water rain curtain Behind the big opening there and it kind Of looks like a slab cut out of the Mountain it does yeah but what it Actually is is it's formed concrete so Our pool contractor came here with some Forms put them up he would dye the Concrete in each layer so he would take A mixture of concrete add a dye to it Pour it in there let it set and then Pour the next one after that looks so Good and it came out like that as an end Result so yeah it's one of my favorite Things and you got the panoramic screen Enclosure behind it so it kind of takes Out some of those grids to give you some View of that conservation and Lakeview

There yeah it's hard to be I mean if You're in reunion it's either Golf Course view or conservation view that You want yeah and this is amazing 100 [Music] I love the design who is who is your Designer yeah so we actually have an In-house design team uh Debbie durf has Set up for our McNally design Department She did all the specifications of the Finishes here all of the Furnishing all Of the staging all of the artwork all The way to the housewares that you see Out on the kitchen here so kind of a Turnkey offering that we can you know You come to us we'll help you design the House with an architect we build it for You and then we you know we come with Your suitcases and it's ready to go Awesome let's get into maybe your three Favorite features of the Interior what Are we starting first so uh obviously This open concept with a mix of the Marble and the wood is probably my you Know the first thing that takes your Breath away as you walk through the Doors however that's kind of tied into The staircase which would lead to my uh Probably I'd say second favorite thing Inside the house let's take a look at That so check that out yeah impressive Staircase yeah so we got this Italian Marble we're trying to match some of the Stuff that we saw in the main living and

Dining area there so this was very Intricate we had to miter all these Edges we had to make sure it was framed Completely dead level completely dead Square to get these niches in here with The LED lights provided by impact Lighting it was a real collaborative Team effort to get this final look so With something like this I mean is this Something that you're like you've got an Idea and you're just or was this the Homeowner that comes up with the idea or Do you see an inspiration you're like we Can do this better like how does Something like this actually come about Yeah so it's typically pretty Collaborative you know whether it be Either Debbie and the design team coming Up with some inspiration image of Something that looks similar similar to It or a homeowners bringing it to us That kind of starts the uh you know the The thought process then we're going to All the trades that we think would be Part of that process and going to them Is like how do we do this what's the Best way you think to execute it and Usually what's the most efficient way to Do it as well right I love the backlit This is amazing It looks like an art piece yeah so this Is a Onyx slab With a lighted panel behind another cool Thing we did here is access to these can

Sometimes be problematic so what we did During framing we created a little cubby Here where we slid the the Light Panel Into here so if they ever need to change Something out because that you know Something goes bad on the wiring or Anything like that all you have to do is Cut drywall right here Slide the panel Out repair it slide it in and just do a Little bit of drywall patching so good As we make our way upstairs we got a you Know a 16 person uh theater here as well As the secondary laundry room this is a Cool little room as you see there's a Piece of candy etched into the front of The door and this is the candy snack bar That Services the theater I love AirHeads this is awesome you got your Popcorn set up you got everything else This is like yes yeah it's cool so one Of the things I noticed you have a lot Of like art throughout the place was This like purchase or did they do it on Site yeah so some was actually created By our design team yeah um some was Purchased and then we had some uh people That our design team brought in that Collaborators that created some of these Pieces is that kind of like this here Yeah so as you see here we uh Debbie had The idea of putting some art niches here In framing stage had one of her Collaborators come and pay any all the Detail color work and stuff like that I

Then had our glass enclosure company put Glass pieces over the front of it so it Created this art installation Essentially very efficiently because if You went out and bought these pieces off You know off the market you know already Completed you're paying premium where This kind of creates a fun unique One-of-a-kind experience all right so We're entering here into the Stark Industries bunk room here come on you Got the Avengers logo here Captain America yeah oh this is the sick are These individual TVs or just yeah so They set the TVs in there they kind of Do display so it kind of makes you feel Like you're in that Stark industry ship Flying through the skies oh my gosh and We do got an Iron Man coming we got a Little note here from uh Tony Stark I'm Saving the world saving the world I was A kid I mean I am a kid I would hang out In here I don't even need the master Bedroom yeah or if you like this one You're really going to love the the Hidden room in between oh we got to see That yeah I feel like I'm entering into Like a theme park here oh yeah we're We're in New York City here we're in a Spidey verse they're one of these Spidey Verses oh this is so yeah good yeah so Dreamport Studios always outdoes Themselves a lot of cool interactive Things unreal yeah you're greeted by

That and they got all these fluorescent Blacklight uh skins on all the walls to Make everything have that glow to you Know really feel like you're in New York City in the night right well I remember The one Toy Story room that they did in The other two were oh yeah so there's Probably some hidden stuff in here right Oh yeah they got plenty of Easter eggs In here Um for it for example here when you pull The newspaper stand here you get a Little uh a little voice oh my gosh Yeah so good yeah this is like this is Like what sells it I love it then Eventually it's not up yet but they got A little button here you push that and That'll have a a whole scene play out Where they'll have silhouettes of Spider-Man little police scanners saying There's some crime I'm in some Interaction with police lights and Things like that so who needs to even go To the park kids dream yeah and of Course you had you know the Avengers Side so it wouldn't be complete with you Know you go the opposite Spectrum with Our princess room here so let's go check That out okay Oh my gosh my girls would kill for this This looks like it's out of Cinderella's Castle so yeah you got a little bit of Each princess kind of um or the main Princesses I should say kind of in each

Bunk so each girl can you know or boy I Guess could pick their choice of bunk You guys knocked this one out of the Park thanks we we certainly appreciate That Ken obviously we take a lot of Pride in our work everybody on our team That you know put a lot of effort into This Um you know we got the gym upstairs we Got the extra conference room we got the Master suite downstairs we got the Secondary Master upstairs arcade arcade With the you know the the flush mounted LED lights in there from Impact lighting So you know it was a lot of fun these Homes and reunion are a little bit Different than some of the residential Homes we do elsewhere through Central Florida although we're starting to do Some crazy things in those as well we Really enjoy it out here we like the Fact that multiple people can come and Visit these homes and rent them so you Know it's not just one family enjoying Them it's it's hundreds of families Enjoying them so absolutely thanks for Having us yeah absolutely Ryan and his Team always do a fantastic job and if You're looking to buy a big house like This or even just a small little humble Place here in reading or anywhere in Central Florida my team and I we'd love To be your real estate resource of Choice email me info

We'll see you guys on the next video [Music] Foreign [Music]

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