TINY Homes At Home Depot Some Under 30K

Finding an affordable home is really difficult but Home Depot maybe your next place to shop. Especially, if you are in the market for a tiny home. Home Depot just rolled out a few tiny home designs and in this video, we will be comparing them to other companies online that are selling modular tiny homes, panel constructed, shed tiny homes, and tiny home kits to see if Home Depots homes are worth the price tag.
Affordable Homes At Home Depot For Less Than 20k: https://youtu.be/sDkYMT6p280
$6000 Shed Turned Into An Affordable Tiny Home: https://youtu.be/PClJMWmL7qQ
5 Tiny Manufactured Homes You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $40k: https://youtu.be/xk8UQ6AWHNU

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