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Hey everyone it's Carrie Rao with Mi Homes and today I'm taking you on a tour Of our Emerald model here at Sweetwater Villas in Lakewood Ranch and I'm Enjoying one of our favorite local Coffee shops called Atria this is a Newer Cafe that brings local to Lakewood Ranch connecting coffee teas and fresh Food to the community so today I've got My coffee and a homemade cinnamon roll [Music] So the emerald model is a two bedroom Two bathroom home with a den that can be Converted into a third bedroom so Everything in this home is really Elevated most of what you see here is Going to be included in your home from The eight foot doors to the tray Ceilings to the corpse countertops we Make sure that these all of these homes Are very stunning when they're completed So some things that our buyers love About this community is going to be the Maintenance free aspect you don't have To take care of your lawn that's taken Care of for you on top of that we have An incredible amenity Center that offers A resort style pool bocce ball Pickleball and more but one of the best Things about the location is going to be That you are five miles from Atria Coffee on top of that driving distance From shopping dining and really cool Places just keep popping up all over the

Place So make sure that you call us to take a Tour of this model visit Atria coffee And I'm going to take a big old bite out Of this delicious cinnamon roll Foreign

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