Real Estate Agent Advice: Overcoming Challenges in the Industry (generate real estate leads)

[Music] What’s going on everybody it’s your boy James and today we’re going to be Discussing some of the reasons why real Estate agents are not successful in Their business and we’re going to be Discussing why some of them fail and why Some of them get ton of results there’s A couple of things that separate the top Agents versus the bottom agents if You’re a brand new agent and you’re not Having success and all of your peers are Selling a ton of homes and and you’re Thinking about giving up maybe there’s Certain things that successful real Estate agents have that you don’t have It’s just really important to understand Why you’re not having that success so in This video we’re going to be discussing Some of the things on what you can do to Be successful in your real estate Business one of the reason why you guys Are not having success in your real Estate business is because you guys lack Experience real estate is super Competitive and it required a lot of Skills knowledge and a lot of investment In in your personal development this Business it requires you to learn all The ins and out of the business there’s A lot of different skills that you need To learn in order for you to be Successful how to Market yourself how to Brand yourself how to communicate how to

Sell how to prospect you have to be very Informative you have to know a lot of Things you have to know contracts you Got to know how to write an offer you Got to know how to put the deal together All that stuff number two marketing you Do not have an adequate marketing plan You don’t know how to attract a client You need a strong marketing strategy to Grow your business this includes Branding you need to learn how to Advertise you need to learn how to Social media learn how to generate leads How to create lead forms and learn how To promote these are the skill that you Need to learn in order for you to take That next step toward consistency and Toward being a successful real estate Agents if you’re not having success look Into some of these stuff number three Would be limited Network go out there Talk to people build a strong network of People real estate is all about people You need to have a strong network with a Painter new construction Builder Contractor real estate is a team sport You need to have a strong team for Example a strong team includes you got To have a good mortgage lender you need To have a painter a handyman think about All the ways that you can start adding Value to people start adding value by Connecting to people and to start Building that relationship with other

People so then you’re well known number Four is you guys have poor communication Skill having communication skill is very Important you guys need to learn how to Communicate with your client effectively And communication is how to build Rapport how to read people how to lead People if you’re struggling to Communicate communication is a skill it Takes time and it takes practice we’re All learning how to be a better Communicator and this is one of the Things that we recommend is learn those Skills learn how to talk to people take Some courses on communication maybe go To Toastmaster to start public speaking Start speaking to people your success Depend on how well you communicate to Your database to your clientele the Person who connect with the client the Quickest that will determine their level Of success so just work on your Communication skill work on your sales Skills work on your persuasion skill one Of the book that we recommend some of Our agents to read is how to win friends And influence people read that book Number five the last thing is that you Guys are not having success is because You’re not consistent with your work Ethic you’re not consistent with your Daily habits you don’t have to work a Ton of hours you just gotta work on the Thing that matters real estate required

A lot of hard work and dedication Nothing is free in order for you to get To the top you need to put in the work And you need to be consistent with it You can’t just have a small burst of Friday and Saturday and Sunday work and That’s it and you don’t work Monday to Friday you work every single day and Working really is more of how do I Create and build systems in place so Then I’m actually working but I’m Actually not working you want to Dedicate your job to serving the client Be available be consistent work hard Work on the right thing for example what Are the things that we work on will we Work on adding value to our database Figuring out what we can do to help them Save a ton of money we go to network Events we educate our database we follow Up with our leads those are things that We do on a daily basis and a lot of Times we shoot videos in order for you To be successful those are some of the Things that we recommend on taking a Look at if you’re not having success in Your real estate business this stuff Takes time and effort and you just gotta Keep on going stay in the game the Longer you stay in the game the more Likely you’ll be successful and if You’re by yourself it’s really important For you to connect with the same group Of people that have the same similar

Mindset and same similar Direction go as You if you’re interested in learning how We can help you do three to four deals Extra a month let us know book a Strategy call and we can help you Implement certain marketing strategy for Your business so guys this is James with James Maurice coaching let us know how We can help our guys peace and love so Here’s what to do next if you you are Looking to consistently do an extra Three to four deals per month let us Help you level up go to for a free strategy Call and before you schedule your call With us go watch our webinar training at on how we went from zero To making 343 000 and less than 365 days by focusing On Facebook ads YouTube and Instagram in A brand new market all without spending More than four hours a day in our real Estate business even if you’re a new Agent little marketing budget or nobody Knows who you are all without doing any Open houses door knocking or cold Calling then go to or schedule your call with Us at see you soon