Living in Delray Beach Florida PROS and CONS!

Living in Delray Beach Florida PROS and CONS! // Do you have plans of moving to the Southeast Coast of Florida? Are you planning to live in Delray Beach Florida and would like to know if you and your family would fit in here?

Today, in this video, we will teach you about living in Delray Beach Florida pros and cons!

00:00 Intro
01:56 Pro #1: Entertainment
06:05 Pro #2: Parks & Nature
07:21 Pro #3: Lower cost of living vs. Long Island, NY
08:28 Pro #4: Location
11:07 Con #1: Very Expensive
11:48 Con #2: It’s hard to enjoy outdoors during hot days
12:42 Con #3: Higher cost of living vs. other cities in South Florida
13:30 Con #4: Some undesirable areas to live in
15:29 Outro

On this Channel, we discuss everything you need to know about Living in South Florida! From Real Estate to lifestyle, Homes, and Neighborhoods in South Florida, we’ve got you covered!

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