Disney Launches Affordable Housing in Orlando

The Walt Disney Company came out today To talk about their housing plan over in The Horizon West area just outside of The Walt Disney property itself if you Know anywhere the flamingo Crossing area And just outside of their cast member Housing this is where they're gonna be Putting over 1400 units which is 100 More than they originally anticipated Maybe six months ago when they first Announced the project they're gonna be Putting shovels in the dirt by next year And opening in 2026 and many people are Wondering is this going to be for cast Member housing only or are they going to Open it up to the general public if you Know anything about their cast member Housing they typically fit anywhere Between two and four people per Apartment and have them pay Significantly less for it and so as We're seeing a lot of different concepts From Universal for affordable housing And new projects pop up downtown it'll Be interesting to see what Disney does Follow for more

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